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Welcome to our new web page.

Now that we have our own web page there's no reason not to be in touch with each other more often. Our Alumni contact page has as many email addresses as we could find. If you know of anyone who is not on the list you can send in their home address to Steve or Jim.

If you know the email address send it to Bob Courter

Top Stories

The next GNP (Gross National Product) concert will be held at Waynesburg University (1 hour south of Pittsburgh, PA)
on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free, but get there early for a good seat. Many of the original
band members will perform and we always do "White Rabbit" and "Somebody To Love". It will be a four hour plus
concert with music ranging from 60s rock to pop, jazz, folk, contemporary and classical with many fine musicians,
young and old.
Learn more about the event at:

Look Who Turns 60.
What's happening for your 60th. Let us know.

Emily Pena Humphries - For my sixtieth birthday in June I retired from teaching English at the local high school. I took my family,
husband,two children and spouses, and three granddaughters to Disney World for a week and then to the beach at Siesta Key,
Florida. In October, my husband turned sixty also, and we celebrated his birthday with a cruise to Bermuda. I am now working
part-time, job sharing a teaching position in English at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School. I am writing a children’s book
(Victoria Taylor would be proud) and have started editing books for self-publishing authors in Western Kentucky. Our first grandson
was born last week. I do water aerobics and am in a book club. My husband is the manager of the municipal electric service for our
town and is on several state and national boards for regulation of public power. Life is wonderful – and I am grateful to be sixty,
especially when I consider how many of our fellow students are no longer with us.

Bob Courter - Well for me this year was nothing spectacular. I went to a local casino and they treated me special. I did not win a lot
of money but got to celebrate with them bringing me a cake and having them sing Happy Birthday at the table I was playing on.

Send in your response to Bob Courter

Poem written by Marilyn Damm Ribeiro

Only Once in a Lifetime

Only once in a lifetime
Can one feel a heart
that can create a smile
to see the part
of a soul, that one did not know
was there
Only once in a lifetime
can one feel a passion
to feel love in such a way
and not have to question reason
only once in a lifetime
can one see a life begin
to bloom
and finally to see the sunshine
be happy to see it at least
Once in a lifetime
Bright ideas.

How about an interesting news story on what someone has been up to for say about over 40 years? Send in your stories,
pictures, articles or anything you have on one of us.

Tell us what you do for a living, how many children, where you live, what have you done since high school.

Does anyone still have any photo's from high school? Scan them and send them in.

Alumni are welcome to advertise their business on our web page.

Put a link to your home page or business web site on the MTHS68 page.

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