ADML II Players on the Block

Posted 11

Asgard is on the cusp of a playoff run next year.
To trade we have extra CAs.
Wellington Castillo good starter plus backup Brayan Pena.
Our needs are:
SS to bridge the gap until Lindor is ready
CF to bridge the gap until Buxton is ready
2B Uggla isn't the answer.
Contact:Brian Toso

The Black Watch state:
Let the trade talks begin!
I have OTB:
E. Santana
and others too!!!
Seeking high picks and good replacement stats, some of these guys could propel you the W.S.
Contact:Bob Madiar

Wichita states:
Heck the whole team is on the block...LOL
Seriously though,SP Jorge De La Rosa has a great year for the Rockies last season (16-6, 3.49, 30 starts, only gave up 11 HRs all season)
and my plan of him being my #1 or #2 SP has changed.
The Wranglers are in need of a starter at every position, with the exception of 1b (upgrade would be nice), and also a closer in need.
The Wranglers are offering up DeLaRosa and possibly other players for a starter at LF,RF,C,2B,3B, and/or closer. Would like to work a
deal to include a draft pick or picks coming to the Wranglers.
There may only be a very few that may not move so for the most part we are open to any and all offers of the roster
Contact:Jacob Drake

The Phillips Concrete People are looking to trade the following players:
2B Howie Kendrick, LF Dominic Brown, CF Alejandro DeAza
One or two starting pitchers (Lynn, Sabathia, Peavy, Straily, McCarthy, Arrieta)
One or two relievers (Chapman, Reed, Allen, Walden, Ramos)
My main need is a catcher, but I'm always willing to trade multiple players to upgrade at any position. I also can't resist shiny objects
like prospects and draft picks.
Contact:Steve Miles

The Humpers have the following players for trade:
Roger Bernadine: Good defensive utility outfielder
Juan Pierre: Backup Outfielder
Andrew Brown: Backup Outfielder
Joe Saunders: Starting pitcher with 34 starts
Phil Coke: Relief Pitcher
Need draft picks
Contact:Elly Kaufman